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September 2012 - Construction Progress

As the last of the Olympic visitors make their way home at the close of what has been an incredible Games, it’s a time to reflect and feel proud of how London has coped with the added pressures. And at The Leadenhall Building we’re happy to report that over the Olympic period it’s been business as usual with no major impacts.

So what’s been going on?

The structural steelwork is progressing well, with the central core of the building climbing another 9 levels to level 21. This moves us closer to our next key milestone of being half-way up. The secondary steelwork to the North Core (yellow steelwork) has now reached level 12 – the lifeblood of the building housing lifts, toilets, and mechanical and electrical modules.

The diagonal steel pieces (mega braces) have now been installed on the south side up to level 19 and the floor steelwork to level 15.

The floors following the 5-storey high atrium are created using precast concrete planks and are now installed up to level 19. This cuts down noise and deliveries onsite and shortens the overall construction schedule.

3 of the 4 tower cranes have been climbed to higher floors. The 4th crane will be climbed this month.

Looking Forward

During September the middle structural steelwork (strong box) will continue to be erected between level 19 and level 26 (half way up).

The steelwork erection on the South of building will continue between level 12 and level 19.

Cladding works have now commenced on site and progress will continue in coming months.

Major mechanical plant deliveries and installation continue in the basement areas.