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October 2012 - Construction Progress

As Autumn gets well under way it’s been all go at The Leadenhall Building. We’re almost at the half way point now and last month was a busy month on site with activity happening from the top to the bottom of the building.

So what’s been going on?

The central core of the building (the strongbox) has reached the half way point at level 26, along with the first of the feature nodes (this is where the steel changes direction). The yellow steelwork on the north of the building has reached level 23. The white steelwork that you can see on the north facade will form the lifting apparatus for carrying out the cladding works on this part. The structure at the front of the building is now complete to level 19.

Work has continued in the basement, and most of the main mechanical and electrical plant has been delivered and is currently being connected. As with many other areas of the building, the service elements within the basement have been prefabricated as far as possible to reduce the number of site deliveries.

With the London Olympic Games now over, UK Power Networks have been back in to complete the incoming electrical supply to the site.

Looking Forward

The steelwork activity will again be the main focus of activity in the coming month, with the central frame beginning to reach level 33. The cladding operations that have been ongoing over the past few weeks will begin to become evident on both the North Core and the main office building, and if you’re walking by you’ll be able to see the glazing operations.

Further hoists will be positioned on the St Helens Square facade, to assist in the distribution of plant, labour and materials to the upper levels.