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November 2012 - Construction Progress

As the cold and wet settle in for Winter we’ve reached a major milestone at The Leadenhall Building. We’re now over half way up and all aspects of the programme are well underway.

So what’s been going on?

The strongbox, the (central core of the building), has now reached level 33 of 47 on the south part of the frame – the section that forms the slope reaching level 26. On the north side of the building the steelwork that will form the main lifts and washroom areas is at level 30. The glazed cladding works should now be evident on the East elevation and to the yellow steelwork on the North of the building.

The staircase areas have a louvered cladding system and this has reached level twelve on the west side of the building, and will become more evident in the coming weeks on the east side (St Helens Square) of the development. The east staircase is just beyond the external hoists.

Looking Forward

A further two hoists will soon be added to the eastern side of the building to meet the demand for the additional number of levels being worked on and an ever increasing number of operatives on site. Prior to the Christmas break, the first of the tower cranes will be removed.

In the coming period, the glazing works will become far more evident on the building, to both the office areas and to the North Core.