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March-April 2012 - Construction Progress

The beginning of March welcomed the first of many 27 meter mega columns. Spliced in 2 pieces it initially towered over site.

So what’s been going on?

Early March saw the arrival of the first North Core Table (centre). The North Core will follow behind the main steelwork on its climb up the building. At this time level 5 within the central box had been reached.

Mid March welcomed the strongbox steel to level 5 with some areas to be in filled. As well as this the erection of the east and west north core areas were erected (shown in photo right).

While all of the onsite works have been going on we saw the pedestrian walkway begin at the south of site on Leadenhall St. As well as this the “Aviva Basement” was completed. This allows both staff and visitors access to welfare facilities on site.

The back end of March allowed the start of the east and west cores and the continuation of the main north steelwork to level 5. Within the basement levels brickwork and blockwork commenced along with the installation of the metal decking and concrete slabs aiding the completion of the basement.

In other areas, perimeter walls have been completed at the southern end with walls being continued to the north and west of the site.

Looking Forward

Completion of steelwork, metal decking and concrete slab up to level 5 which will include the north core.

We should also see the completion of the ground floor slab. There will also be a continuation of the east and west core riser and precast cores.

The end of April will see the Start of level 6 upwards.