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January 2013 - Construction Progress

As the festive period comes to a close and we welcome in a new year, its back to work as usual at The Leadenhall Building. A lot has happened over the last month, and if you pass by the site you’ll see the glazing is really starting to take shape.

So what’s been going on?

The main steelwork frame and precast planks are now complete up to and including the 33rd floor. The strongbox – the part of the structure that provides the main stability – has progressed up to level 36, with the mega-columns now complete to level 40. And one of the four tower cranes has been removed.

On the north side of the building the yellow steelwork tables have reached level 32, with the steelwork that forms the lift shafts progressing between levels 19 to 26.

The glazing operations are in full swing. The office areas of the building have two skins of glass with a maintenance walkway between them. This should be evident on levels five and six on the St Helen’s Square side of the building.

The staircase louvres are up to level 11, and the north core glazing has reached level six. A further two hoists have been added to the east elevation of the building.

Looking Forward

In the next few months the glazing works will be the most visible operation from street level. At the top of the building the steelwork will soon reach the attic levels where key sections of plant are housed.

A further two hoists will soon be added to the eastern side of the building to meet the demand for the additional number of levels being worked on and an ever increasing number of operatives on site.

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