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April 2013 - Construction Progress

Summer seems to have finally arrived in the City of London, much to the delight of the Leadenhall Building team who’ve been busy over the past month, edging closer to topping out.

So what’s been going on?

The main steelwork frame and precast planks are complete up to and including the 48th floor.

The strongbox which provides the main stability to the building is progressing between level 47-52.

On the north side of the building the yellow steelwork tables have been installed to level 47. The steelwork that forms the lift-shafts is complete to level 40 and lift installation works are progressing well in the north core.

Glazing operations continue to be most evident from street level, and the main office area is now complete between levels 5-18 and is in progress between levels 19-25.

Glazing on the north core has reached level 24.

Looking Forward

Over the next month glazing works will continue to progress. The main office glazing will progress up to level 25 and the north core glazing will reach level 28.

At the top of the building the steelwork will soon reach the attic levels where key sections of plant will be housed.