HOP: Hot Meal Boxes

The modern taste of Vietnam

HOP: Hot Meal Boxes

05th April 2019

The modern taste of Vietnam is fast, fresh and fearless: cherished recipes prepared quickly for a working community on the move. There’s little dairy and not much oil or gluten. Instead, rice, vegetables and protein form the basis of most dishes; with intense flavours from fresh, fragrant herbs. Flavours vary widely with the country’s geography, from the subtle simplicity of the north to the rich, pungent sweet and spice of the south. Each of their signature dishes reflects the authentic flavour of its place of origin.

Balance is everything: complete meals, seasoned to perfection.

With coriander, lemongrass, caramelised onions

– £6.95 –

With turmeric, lime, dill, spring onion & peanuts.

– £6.95 –

With mushroom, aubergine, sweet potato and crushed peanuts

– £6.95 –

Crushed peanuts, coriander 

– £7.95 –

With warm Nuoc Cham Sauce

– £7.45 –

All served with steamed fragrant rice, shredded salad, pickled & green veg
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